All Electric SUV

Original commercial for the Toyota's RAV4-EVs. 12 years later, they are still running strong - in the U.S.A., the place they were born.

Year 2042

According to the Oil and Gas Journal and the U.S. Department of Energy, worldwide oil reserves as of August 27, 2008 are 1,331,698,000,000 barrels. Using the U.S. Department of Energy information we can expect real worldwide oil depletion by the year 2042, since total world wide petroleum consumption in 2006 was 84,979,000 barrels per day and world consumption of liquid fuels is expected to increase 1.2% per year.

Big Oil Business

The CEO of Chevron walked away with $65Million over the past two years just in compensations. Chevron itself profited $ 18.7Billion just in the year 2007… How much money have you made the last few years?

The oil industry… they have the perfect business model. Billions of people dependent on transportation, an unchallenged inefficient internal combustion engine (ICE) and a population trained to fill their tank with a liquid fuel. 

The oil companies can change that fuel from gasoline to natural gas or to hydrogen. It really doesn’t matter. They own Capitol Hill so legislation on emissions or environmental regulations will not change much. Oil is running out globally so they will have to change the fuel from gasoline to hydrogen or natural gas to hold on to their business model of the ICE and a liquid fuel. But they’re not worried, they have the politicians in their pockets. It will happen unless we, the people, act first.

I keep thinking about those electric cars built 12 years ago… the Toyota RAV4 EVs. Pure 100% electric vehicles powered by NiMH batteries. Their owners bought the cars 12 years ago and they are still running today on the original battery packs….imagine 12 years of no gasoline, no filling the tank, no oil changes, no engine troubles (there isn’t one!), …and batteries powered by the sun. OMG, I want that life.

What happened to those cars? Nothing, production was just stopped when Chevron Oil Corporation obtained ownership of the NiMH battery patents. That was it, no more efficient, reliable, affordable 100% electric SUVs. Smart business move on Chevron’s part! Except, the hundreds of Toyota RAV4 EVs are still out there and here is the proof.

I am tired of thinking about Chevron’s CEO. While he was raking in the dough, I was filling my gas tank, changing my oil, having my transmission fluid checked…what is wrong with this picture?!?!

Take Action now to have the President exercise eminent domain and release the proven NiMH battery patents from Chevron Oil Corporation. This will free us from oil for our transportation needs forever.  For more information on the criminal suppression of the most powerful and proven traction batteries invented in the US, see:


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