All Electric SUV

Original commercial for the Toyota's RAV4-EVs. 12 years later, they are still running strong - in the U.S.A., the place they were born.

Year 2042

According to the Oil and Gas Journal and the U.S. Department of Energy, worldwide oil reserves as of August 27, 2008 are 1,331,698,000,000 barrels. Using the U.S. Department of Energy information we can expect real worldwide oil depletion by the year 2042, since total world wide petroleum consumption in 2006 was 84,979,000 barrels per day and world consumption of liquid fuels is expected to increase 1.2% per year.

From the Owners

RAV4-EV owners demonstrate how inexpensive, convenient and absolutely amazing it is to drive a 100 percent electric car.

See a happy Toyota RAV4-EV owner demonstrates the exceptional convenience of his pure electric SUV. “There’s no gas, no oil, no engine, no exhaust, no smog, no tune-ups, no filters, no wars for oil … It’s quiet, it’s powerful, it’s enjoyable to drive … I just drive it, I bring it home and plug it in.” 
Many others have a very similar story.



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